The most significant move that we have made to increase our sustainability at AJL is the installation of a solar setup across our network. Our solar setup works to prevent over 7,200 kg of CO2 emissions each and every month (7,230 kg to be exact). This is the equivalent of planting 140 trees every 30 days or so. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you calculate these figures over a year, it has a significant impact. This is because our solar setup prevents approximately 101,000kgs of C02 emissions saved per annum, and monthly accordingly. This is also 2000 trees planted per annum. This also helps to reduce the carbon footprints of our customers, as by sourcing from sustainable manufacturers and suppliers, they move away from business models that do not have sustainability so deeply ingrained in their ethos. We also have committed to Net Zero by 2030.


In addition to ensuring that all of our operations are powered with green energy, we also work to improve the sustainability of elements at the tail end of our processes. This means that we recycle everything possible — across our general, training, rental and marine services — so no matter which arm of AJL you engage with, you know you’re helping to make a difference through the entire process. While we recognise that this is not possible with all aspects or elements, anything that cannot be recycled or repurposed is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.


At AJL, we believe that creating an eco-friendly future is an ongoing commitment that everyone must make. Because of this, we are constantly working to improve our processes and procedures and are actively researching ways to operate in a more eco-friendly manner. As new pathways to a greener future and the decarbonisation of our planet are identified as being suitable for our business, we are committed to implementing them in a timely and efficient manner. Note to client: For SEO purposes I strongly suggest placing this on your website as text, rather than using it as an overlay for an image.